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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Birthday Bakes

Hey guys:)

If you know me personally, stalk me or just happen to own a directory of everyone in the world's birthdays then you'll know my birthday is in a weeks time.
For most people, birthdays are really fun and everyone gives you presents and comes to your parties and hugs you a lot, but for me it's slightly different.
I just so happen to share the same birthday as half the people I know.

My brother (aged 30)
My other brother (aged 27)
My friend Ben (aged 13)
My friend Paul (aged 12)
My cousin Gemma (age unknown)
David Tennant (Hundreds of years old, he's the doctor.)
Jessica from SNSD (19/20)

So normally I find myself having to buy the rest of the world presents, and celebrating their birthdays a lot more than I celebrate my own.
I've not had a birthday party with more than 5 guests since I was about 8 because everyone else would probably rather attend other peoples' cool parties rather than mine which usually looks like this:


there is one aspect I get excited for, and this might sound like some obese little boys birthday dreams but I LOVE BIRTHDAY CAKES!

I'm sorry, but normally food to me either resembles sick, bright colours or diabetes, but cake...
It's so bright and creative, but only birthday cakes...
Here's my faves:)