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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

GetTheLook=Benefit makeup set, "her name was Glowla"

Makeup can be expensive, normally most people would only get benefit makeup or clinique for a birthday or christmas, but what if you could have the look but minus the big price tag? Well now you can! On these posts and possible some videos, I'll show you how to get any expenssive makeup but only using well known makeup brands such as collection 2000, maybelline etc. and I'll try and get it as cheap as possible.
I will finish with a step-by-step guide, word-for-word from the instructions in the set.
My first is the benefit makeup set "Her name was Glowla", I've had this set since Christmas, and although it's gorgeous I just feel like I can't use it as it was £28.50 and my normal makeup is usually costing around a fiver.

NOTE: I have not been payed by any of these brands to do this, this is my genuine opinion and research!

It actually hasn't changed a bit since I got it.

The front of the box

The look is supposed to be glamourous, benefit uses characters like Glowla to make the users feel as if they are being someone else using makeup. To get the same aura from your cheaper glowla kit, keep everything in a seperate bag and label it "The glowla look". 

CORALista blusher

The first piece in the set is the CORALista blusher. This grabbed my attention when I was at the benefit counter a few months before last christmas, my mum got the set for someone else and saw how much I liked it and how it had everything I liked in it and got it too. The CORALista was the firs thing I saw though, it's an excellent colour.

MUA £1 blushers, only at superdrug. You may of seen this counter, it's excellent. The one on the left is shade 2, it's a slightly pinkier version of CORALista, but the one on the right is nearer the colour so it's your choice. These blushers are slightly lighter though, so be   sure you use a little over a darker foundation to get it exact.

The next product is the eyeshadow, For the first your looking for a white eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer, to make it seem pearly as states the name. Once again, MUA £1 makeup counter comes the the rescue, there's two shades of pearl but the closest colour is shade 1. I think the best would actually be the two mixed together, but spending as little as possible just get shade one.

Add a little white to this to complete this pearly look .

For the peachy sheen, you are looking for a light pink, similar to CORALista but slightly sleeker colour. If you want a palette for a little more value for money, try this: 

These collection 2000 palettes are slightly lighter versions of the benefit palette, the single at the bottom is almost exactly the same as terracotta satin. The white in the middle of the palette could be a pearly white but it's not quite as good as MUA. All three are easy to blend, crust resistant and 8 hour lasting.

The next product is "highbeam" and "moonbeam"
"Moonbeam" is slightly creamier than "highbeam", these go around your eyes to highlight and exaggerate the eye area. They are also good for keeping eyeshadow on longer and covering up dark circles, making your eyes the most dominant part of your face in this set. The best replacement is hard to show as all it really needs to be any concealer lighter than your own. One shade or two will do. 17 concealer is the cheapest I can find. Just make sure it's one shade lighter at least. I'll put a price list and where to get them at the end.

"Passion pink pout" Lipgloss, and collection 2000 "beatbox" lock'n'hold (up to 6 hour wear) lipglosses are extremely similar, a light pinky and corally shade gives off a slim and sleek lip shine and glow. Collection 2000's is  little more netural though, so be sure to wear it minimally.  
Miss sporty "hollywood" lipgloss in "my limosine" shade is the same price but with a bit of extra gloss, I'll add both at the bottom.

The last product is the mascara. Mascara is hard to find a match for, am I'm not sure how they come out. I know that the Bad gal lash is a dark, dark black and has a stiletto effect and a large brush, so I've looked for that.

"Maybelline Volume Express" Mascara in "Turbo boost black" Has a thick brush, a low price and good reviews. I honestly think for this look, all you need is a good mascara thats dark and deadly, this is perfect.

So that is the makeup that I found is the closest to the benefit set. I'm going to use the descriptions from the book, edited to fit this post, to make sure you get the perfect application with your new found glowla set.

Step 1 "Sweep MUA shade 2 or 4 blusher from the apples of your cheeks to the hairline using a flat blusher brush for a flamenco inspired flush"

Step 2 "Use your light 17 concealer for a cool luminescence, apply to tops of cheekbones, brow bones and down the bridge of your nose; blend for seamless radiance. 
 Step 3: "Highlight hues: Taking the eyeshadow palettes and working light to dark, apply MUA pearly white or collection 2000 pearly white colour with a fluff eyeshadow brushto the brow and blend. Next, sweep a light peachy colour across eyelids up to brow bone.

Step 4: "Define and contour: Apply middle bronzy shade across eyelid with fluff shadow brush. To contour, blend a light brown into eye creases, starting at the inner corner of the lids, working outwards.

Step 5: "Legendary liner: Apply a deep bronzy color with a hard angle brush along the top and bottom lash line. For an added smokey effect, reapply and blend with the hard angle brush."

 Step 6: "Apply maybelline express volume mascara to top and bottom lashes for lush, voluminous black lashes. Reapply for drama and intensity"

Step 7: "Passionate pink pout: Use collection 2000 "Lock and hold" Beatbox shade or Miss sporty "Hollywood" Lipgloss in "My limosine" lip gloss over lips for a lucious, light pink colour.

Your glowla look is complete!

Lisa's little world "Glowla set":
£1 MUA Blusher in shade 2/4 (Superdrug)
£1 MUA pearl eyeshadow shade 1 (Superdrug)
£2.99 Collection 2000 "Sand castle" palettte (Boots)
£2.99 Collection 2000 "Cookie dough" palette (Boots)
£1.99 Collection 2000 "sugar rush" palette (Boots)
£3.89 light coloured 17 concealer (Boots)
£6.19 Maybelline express volume "turbo boost black" mascara (Boots)
£2.99 Collection 2000 "Lock and Hold" Lipgloss in beatbox (Boots)


Original set: All half sizes of original. 

£23.04/2 = £11.52 for roughly same amount

£28.50 (half pan benefit makeup)
£11.53 (Lisa'sLittleWorld half pan set)
SAVING £16.97

Unfortunately you cannot buy half pans, but the full pans are still cheaper than the half pans in benefit so you are saving none the less, it's just like buying two of the set.

I hope you enjoyed my first makeup post, I know it was rather long but it's a lot of information to put in one post! 

Stay beautiful everyone ^-^

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