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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Recently I did this cushion making video, whadayya think?

Old rant from months ago: 

Do you know anyone REALLY selfish? As in if they had to choose you over a new pair of shoes, they’d go for the shoes? Yeah. It ain’t pretty. The one thing that selfish people don’t realise is that one day, when they really need help, nobody will be there for them. Its a simple rule, do things for other people and they will return the favour! It isn’t complicated!
Karma is strange, it does happen all the time though, especially with me! For me it happens really quickly though, like if i told a lie one day the next It’d bite me in the but! For some people, it’ll take years. So if you’ve ever known someone to do some really bad things, karma will get them in time! Like my Mum says, everyone who shes ever known has been gotten back at by karma and have ended up having the opposite of their intentions.
It feels good knowing that people actually read these and relate, i felt extremely happy when people were commenting saying they loved it and it made them feel so much better about everything i am trying to write another rant like that again but it’s gone right out of me I don’t rant in my head like i used to so i need some bad stuff to happen so it comes back!
I’m not going to do the selfish thing and say nobody can copy my style but to those people who do, karma will get you anyway so I’ve already seen a few copies of a few things i’ve done but i’m not saying anything because i know that
people realise and the people who wrote them realise it hasn’t blown up as much because it’s been done now, nothing new there i’m purely doing this for my own happiness not so that people can judge it or copy from it or even tell me things like “It changed my life” cause those comments are great but knowing people know what messages im getting across is so much greater.
This is dedicated to Rachel Millar cause she’s seen a few selfish things recently and a bit of a message needed sent out due to that.
These rants are all to make you feel better for once, all the hate going around isn’t healthy and i know people just go ” oh well thats life” yeah well life is also very great so don’t be weighed down on all the terrible things when it’s obvious the good overrules them. I love who I am , I am perfect for me not perfect. Thats much better than being perfect and it’s not self-centered, its true and realisitc, a lot more realistic than people sayin they hate themselves because that’s also attention seeking, it isn’t worth it people will get bored someday! Just love yourself, its not self-centered because it’s not selfish. Everyone i know is worth loving themselves so do, you are so worth it.
That is my rant for today which came from a bit of a burst of enthusiasim at half 11 at night and all done on an ipod in the dark so sorry aboht the.reallt baf m Istakes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Attitude Clothing

Hey there:)
So a magazine came through the door today!
And it looked a little something like this...

When I saw it I instantly knew I liked it!
I logged on straight away to write this, honestly it's exactly me.
Well, not all of it. Some of it, like these wee wonders:')
i love this site, some of the clothes are quite gothic but some of the inner brands only sell cute/food style jewelery!

    if you have a look at this check out:
     Joe Cool
     Zac's Alter Ego
     Dragon Dreads

My favourite pieces weren't feautred in the mag, so you'll have to check them out for yourself:)

Here's my latest video:

P.S. Next video on cupcake nails!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Um.... So yeah. (I use those words too much!)

Um... so yeah. I've got a sore finger from typing my book too much so yeah kinda just as well my laptops broken for now. The nail was digging into the skin bleurghh! I triumphed wonderfully today, I actually beat MY DAD at grammar, during a debate on whether I should take part of the blame for my broken laptop or it's all my STUPID DOG'S fault! I wish he wasn't so cute, then maybe Mum would of been a little more annoyed at him at least! He just looked up at her with fake-puppy dog eyes and she was fine with him!
Um... so yeah. My fingers making me need to stop typing every now and again so sorry if I start talking about these wonderful amazing things and suddenly all you see is "Um... so yeah kinda just stepped out of my zone and i can't get back in."
Anyway, I was inspired by a picture on facebook today, i shared it so you might have seen it, it looked a little something like this.

I thought this was really cool and such a great idea, it'd be great in a school or workplace for when you're having a rainy day or somethings just not right. SO, i decided to make my own:)

 Um... so yeah. I figured, whats the point in being happy and smiley myself if I'm not sharing it with everybody else? There isn't one!
It's true, I have days where nothing goes right or people aren't being nice or I just can't get happy. Normally, I just say to myself "Chin up, if you are unhappy, be happier, you can't change whats going to happen so just try and live with it" Which is exactly what I had to say to myself earlier when I was in modern studies, at first I really DID NOT want to be the candidate for our group, so I was pretty upset when I was picked about a month ago (first time I had to say that) Then my friend was upset, she doesn't have many friends, so I took her out of class on her own and tried to make it better. Luckily, it worked and she was fine after about 5 minutes. After that I realised, I have to try and just get on with this. By then though, someone had seen I was upset and took my place. After this I still didn't get the job I really wanted and was the only one who worked hard for it, so I wasn't 100% happy yet.
THEN I thought, St Andrews doesn't accept people who don't just chin up and get on with things they don't want to do. So I texted the girl saying I'll be the candidate, if anything it'll be a bonus to my application.
And a week later, I was sitting at a table near her and I heard her talking about me blah blah blah... Shouting things at me, not sure what they were but by my other friends reactions they were enough to make her say something back which she usually doesn't do. Anyway, I did hear ONE thing. She said she was going to be the candidate. By then I'd already started brainstorming for the speech, I'd taken it really seriously and I was really set on unleashing my English skills on the rest of the class and become the winning party and have that on my St. A's app... So yeah, not really happy. (Second time i had to say that.)

Um... so yeah. Here I am, sitting in mod.st. last week of working on the presentations and guess what. We have a... not so well - written speech... Not so strong points... and guess what I'm looking at now.

Thats right. Not only did I not get to write the speech, but yeah I'm now the new candidate. Written in thick black pen by the woman of war herself. on the massive poster of smarties coming out a tube, the group "The Smarties" Was my idea and yeah no credit. This time, i had tears in my eyes. This was the absolute WORST POSSIBLE way this could have gone, here's me thinking it's impossible but no it actually happened.

1. I never go to write the speech
2. I still have to say it
3. I never got the actual job I wanted
4. I have to go in-front of the class and read out a poorly written speech, that everybody else thinks I've written.

Third time I had to say that. Um... so yeah. At first I thought of finding a way to get out of modern studies next week, it's bad enough that nobody I know ever appreciates the work I do, let alone instead of writing something really good and wow-ing everybody I actually have to pretend I've written a bad speech and say it. Then I thought, why was I saying "Chin-up" in the first place? Because I need to chin-up obviously! It's just a petty girl who hasn't matured enough yet to grasp this stuff, why get upset? A tiny bit of school-work I'll forget in five years time? Did it really matter if I'm slightly humiliated at 13 years old, and even assuming that'll happen when GOD knows what that girl will say next? Come to think of it, i don't think even god knows.
Anyway, facts are, I'm writing a book, i have friends who actually like me (I hope), I'm in the top classes and what does she have? None of those things. No point in getting upset over her, right?

Um... so yeah. I took a smile that period, metaphorically speaking. And I'm fine. In all honesty, theres no point in getting upset over things that are so soon to be the past. I only remember - what - 2, 3 big fall outs what have really effected my life? So really, there's going to be immature girls like her for another four years, I'm better off just ignoring them and doing my own thing and being with friends I actually like and can trust. I've always been the fastest developer, inside and out and i'm just going to have to chin-up and deal with it!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

First voice video:L

LOL ok so yeah my laptops broken so i've had to use my step dads mac, which is in a tiny office with no window so really bad lighting but i've tried my best!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

40 Expressions tag game!

Hello Deary:) My new video is up - hooray:) And I've decided, thank you to Lucy that when/if I ever reach 50 followers I'll do a giveaway at 80 so do remind me if that ever happens! I've reached 11 WHOLE SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE, I'M SO CHUFFED ! I'm kind of tempted to make lots of accounts and follow myself on them but I wont... I still need questions, come on guys does nobody question anyone these days?:*(


Okay I started writing this 3 hours ago, this is an example of how easily side-tracked I am! All I had to do was say a few things and put up my video and I can't even do that!

Anyway, heres the video:)