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Monday, 24 October 2011

My fave online shops + Next vid idea!

Hey guys, Li-j^-^ Next vid will probably be top 5 cheap makeup products and expensive versions then then I'll make one side of my face the expensive and one the cheap makeup etc etc... Anyway could be as late as Saturday till that comes up but will be soon!

ANYWAY, this post is about my top fave online shops, but I thought that'd be a little boring so it's 
Gonna be more about my favourite lesser known online shops.

1. www.yesstyle.com/en

 It's an Asian fashion store, so it's the best way to get the style before everyone else as most trends start off here!
Sweet and simple.

1. F-DNA, Long sleeve soop neck print tee, £13.00

2. OrangeBear, Embroidered striped cardigan £16.25

3. OrangeBear, Sleeveless Floral Ruffle dress £13.65

4. Tokyo Fashion, Striped knit top, £17.55

P.S. These things are all actually on my Christmas list!^-^

2. www.shopbubbi.com

As you know I am a massive fan of Lindy Tsang, otherwise known as Bubzbeauty! This is her online store with her own products, there aren't millions of products, and they can run out of stock sometimes but when it's there it's great!  

1. "I Miss You" Navy top, £15.99

2. "B-ball" blue top, £14.99

3. "iHeart you" White top, £14.99

4. "Smile" Yellow/Navy top, £15.99

P.S. Few of these on my christmas list too!

I also love the "YOU make ME smile" top, but I couldn't fit any more on! I lvoe them all really, I have about 5 on my Christmas list! 

I'll put a pic of the "bubbi" makeup brushes at the bottom!

3. www.chicksrule.co.uk

This truly is the coolest shop on the list, it's all David and Goliath clothing, and thanks to Lucy Clark, they one of my favourite brands!

1. "How I Roll" Headphones £25.00

2. "Cupcakes Are Evil" Womens lined hoodie, £39.00

3. "I Need A Hug" Womens T-shirt, £20.00

4. "Mushi Mushi" Womens PJ set, £40.00

The PJ set is on my Christmas list! I love it to pieces!

* This is the brand of top that I won, I'll put a pic of of me in it when I get it!

*When I typed that I realised I hadn't checked the post and got really excited when I saw the "Sorry we missed you" card, Was just my step-dad's work stuff:(

4. www.cutejapanesefashion.com

This online store is full of cute clothes, sorta like Yesstyle,  but it's slightly different.

1. Thick Stripe Jumper, £15.99
2. Soft bear hoodie, £19.99

3. Full Skirt Evening dress £14.99

4. Heart Sweater, £12.99


The only thing I'll say about this website is that the sizes are quite small, the biggest size I found was a 12 so you may either have to pay extra to get a bigger size on some or try to squeeze into something smaller if you are 12+ !!
Nothing here on my christmas list, only just recently found this site otherwise that heart jumped would be at the very top!

5. www.forever21.com
This is probably the most well known site, it's elegant and young!
1. Textured dress w/ belt, £11.50

2. Live in the moment tee, £11.50

3. Pinstripe skinny jeans, £19.75

4. Striped dolman sweater, £19.75


Nothing in this store here on my list, I mean it's ok but it's not really my style, but I wanted to put something a little bit different on this list! 

I hope you enjoyed this! Halloween is coming up soon, so I'll show you my Misa Amane costume as soon as I have everything ready, got a halloween party so I'll get some pics from that! Here are the bubbi brushes!

 Full Set: £59.99

  • Kabuki brush
  • Powder brush 
  • Buffer brush
  • Multi-retractable brush
  • Dual cover brush
  • HD flawless brush
  • Dual eyes brush
  • Angled liner brush
  • fluff brush

Basic set: 
  • Powder brush
  • Multi retractable brush
  • Dual cover brush
  • Dual eye brush 
  • Angled liner
P.S. Basic sets on my christmas list:)

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